Crimped Wire Mesh
Crimped Wire Mesh: Hebei ChangTe Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd is the manufacture of Crimped Wire Mesh : Steel wire crimped mesh, low carbon steel wire crimped mesh, high-carbon steel wire crimped mesh, medium carbon steel wire crimped mesh, strand crimped mesh, wire cloth compatriots, changing Roberts Crimped Wire Mesh (also known as galvanized cold Roberts Crimped Wire Mesh), Stainless Steel Wire Crimped Wire Mesh

Aluminum alloy net
This product is durable, does not rust, beautiful and generous character. MAG fence can be used for prevention of anti-theft doors and windows, and can also be used for highway, railway, airport protective isolation, residential quarters and other use. Our factory can also be based on the net product variety of customized user needs. does not rust, beautiful and generous.

Hexagonal Wire mesh
Hexagonal wire netting: Material:low carbon steel wire,stainless steel wire etc.Weaving Patterns: Straight twist, reverse twist, double twist.Process: Galvanized after weaving or galvanized before weaving.Finish: Electric galvanizing, hot-dip zinc plating, stainless steel or PVC coated.

Chain Link Fence
Chain link fence is also known as diamond wire mesh and rhombus wire mesh. Made of quality low steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire and PVC wire.
Chain link fence comes in a wire range of qualities, colours , sizes and types. The chain link has for elements: fabric, framework, fittings and gates. Each of these components are available in a range of weights and types of coatings you can mix and match to save costs, be more unique.

Slope Protection System
Flexible high-strength steel wire netting (diamond-shaped steel wire mesh, ring mesh, high-strength steel wire grid) as a major component of protection system is against the rock slope collapsed, dropped, such as flyrock blasting. With the technology development and application, improving the usage of construction technology, standard modular operation, Slope Stabilization Mesh System have been applied in the geological disasters on the large scale.
Welded wire mesh panel /Ribbed mesh /Reinforcing mesh
Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh Panel,Electro galvanized welded wire mesh panel, Hot Dipped Galvanized welded mesh panel, PVC Coated Welded Wire Mesh panel, Stainless steel welded wire mesh panel
Use: welded wire mesh is extensively used in industry and agriculture construction,transportation and mining for all such purposes as poultry houses, egg baskets,runway enclosures, floor heating draining rack, fruit drying screen, fence, fruit drying screen,fence and other industries .