Self-Clean Mesh


Compare with traditional woven wire screens, wire self cleaning screens efficient screening all kind size of the most wet, moist material using in mining,quarry,aggregate processing industires,no blinding screening, increase production.

D Mesh type ofself cleaning screens has D shape mesh opening, that self cleaning screeningall kind size of wet, moist material using in mining, quarry, aggregateprocessing blinding screening, increase production.
Self cleaning screening mesh is core product of candurs,including flexiand poly ripple profile type. Full D mesh was made from high tensile carbonsteel and stainless steel, wear and abrasion resistant, which was exportedSaudi Arabia , Australia,Tukey etc.
D type of self cleaning screening mesh feature:
Warp and weft crimped wire.
Flexi and Poly ripple profile type.
Great self cleaning screening capacity.
Non blind screening special shape of wet,moist,sticky material.
Efficient production.
Supplied hooked panels.
Customized width and length.

W Meshis one of self clean screens, which efficient screening all kind size ofwet,moist material using in mining, quarry, aggregate processing industires,nonblinding screening, increase production.
Selfclean screens mesh is core product of candurs,flexi and poly ripple profiletype.Full W mesh was made from high tensile carbon steel and stainless steel,wear and abrasion resistant, which was exported Saudi Arabia , Australia,Tukeyetc.
W Meshof self clean screens Feature:
Warpcrimped and weft straight wire..
Flexiand Poly ripple profile type.
Greatself slean screening capacity.
Nonblind screening special shape of wet,moist,sticky material.
Suppliedflat hooked panels.
Customizedself clean screens panels width and length.
H Mesh
Typeof self clean screens has H shape mesh opening,more open area than other.whichself clean screening all kind size of extremely wet,moist material using inmining, quarry, aggregate processing blinding screening, increaseproduction.

Self -clean Screen Mesh can offer effectivesolutions to difficult sizing and aggregate conditions,Such as the blinding andplugging.
Self clean screen mesh can sperate and screen the wet and moist mateirals. Itcan be widely use in the separating materials in the mining,quarry and otherindustries. Self clean crusher screen mesh material:
Manganese stee(65Mn,30Mn)l,high carbon steel(72a,82b,60,55,45),springsteel,stainless steel(316,304,202).
Specifications Of self cleaning Screen Mesh
Wire Diameter: 1.6mm to 5mm;
Opening size:
5/64"-7/8" for W mesh;
3/64-1-1/2 for D mesh;
5/64- 3/4" for H mesh;
Self cleaning screen mesh advantage:
* Control Strictly for the sizing;
* self clean ability and less maintenance;
* Reduce the blinding and plugging;
* Wear and Abrasion resistance;
* Producing tighter specifications and havning the ability to self clean.

Ordering self cleaning screens:


  • Material   
  • Mesh style
  • Wire diameter ( d )
  • Supplied ( D ) if asked W-Mesh
  • Aperture ( W )
  • Panel size
Supplieddrawing if necessary