Galvanized square wire mesh


Hebei ChangTe Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd is a specific manufacture of Square Wire Mesh:Galvanized Iron Square Wire Mesh,Stainless Steel Square Wire Mesh,which widely used in industries and constructions to sieve grain powder,filter liquid and gas,for other purposes like safe guards on machinery enclosures. Besides,it is widely applied for the substitute of wood strips in making wall and ceiling.

Material:Galvanized iron wire, or stainless steel wire,Stainless Steel Square Wire Mesh Varieties according to materials:Stainless steel square wire mesh type 304Stainless steel square wire mesh type 304LStainless steel square wire mesh type 316Stainless steel square wire mesh type 316L
Property: Square Wire Mesh is made of selected low carbon iron wire with precision construction,uniform mesh, fine rust-resisting and durable function.
Packing:In rolls,wrapped with waterproof paper then covered with hessian-cloth or in carton. Special packing may be arranged if necessary.
Specifications: Please refer to lists below for reference. Sizes not listed available at customers request.
Assortments available:
<1>Crimped square wire mesh
<2>Standard square wire mesh
<3>Hot-dipped galvanized after woven square wire mesh
<4>Galvanized after woven square wire mesh
<5>Galvanized before woven square wire mesh
<6> Iron Square Wire Mesh

             Mesh         Wire Gauge(BWG)
              2            18,19
              3           19,20,21
              4          20,21,22,23
              5          22,23,24,25
              6         22,23,24,25,26
              7          23,24,25,26
              8          24,25,26,27
              10           28,29,30
              12         26,27,28,29,30